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Compassion * Balance * Joy

Karuna Riding LLC

  Training & Lessons

Horse Care


  Compassionate Dressage Training, Balanced Nutrition & Natural Hoof Care 


Karuna Stables relocated its operations to the Santa Rosa Equestrian Center (SREC) located on 3184 Guerneville road, 95401 Santa Rosa California. SREC offers nice and roomy stalls with or without attached small paddocks, extensive turn out to large pastures for horses who do well in groups or into large paddocks for horses who need to be on their own. The barn feeds three times a day a choice of orchard hay, Alfalfa and or Fodder. For more information please visit the Santa Rosa Equestrian Center's website
Horse Care and Well Being 

Karuna Stables aims to join a natural approach to horse care, with a compassionate approach to riding in general and dressage in particular.

We believe in barefoot performance, and rely on the services of the amazing natural trimmer Linda Cowles, to keep our own horses' hooves looking their best and to help the horses feeling great.

Over the years of keeping horses barefoot, Anne has collected a large number of horse boots in different sizes and models. We can help you transition your shod horse to barefoot and avoid you getting boots that won't fit your horse!


But no trimmer can trim himself or herself out of bad nutrition. That is why all the hay fed at Karuna Stables is analyzed on arrival, and we offer a custom low carb mix that includes the mineral supplements that will best balance the macro and trace minerals found in the hay.

The hay is usually fed in slow feeder hay nets, to keep the horses munching longer and make eating hay a little bit more like browsing.

We make sure easy keepers get low carb hay and "grain" (our grain is either timothy pellets or cool stance) but also provide more calorie and or protein rich feedstuff such as oats, barley, linseed meal etc... for the horses in work that need the extra source of energy and amino acids.


In other words, we take horse nutrition very seriously!

We try to keep the feed GMO free and as natural as we can, while aiming to cover the different needs of the horses.


We also welcome Belinda Burnside, a great chiropractor every 6 weeks to help the horses body feel their best so they can perform as comfortably as possible.


With this great team we can help your horse's needs in a true holistic approach...

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