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Karuna Riding LLC

  Training & Lessons


I am available for lessons and training pretty much everyday.


I try to keep the lesson fun for both rider and horse and aim to improve the bond and connection existing between the two. I encourage my students to lunge their horse and do a bit of work in hand before getting on the horse, and I am more than happy to demonstrate and help learning those invaluable tools. Lunging and work in hand allows the rider non only to physically warm up the horse before imposing our weight onto his back, but also, and mainly it allows us to develop a mental and emotional connection with the horse that involves very little physically. That is the entry door to a more subtle and light way of riding...


Once the rider in the saddle, my lesson plan can go from very simple but so important things such as keeping a consistent direction and rythm, to introducing the shoulder in and lateral work as well as using poles, jumps, cones and any other tool that will help rider and horse better understand each other.


In general I try to solve issues by going around them rather than getting hanged up on them. This is really what dressage is about, helping rider and horse finding a state of "Union" byfinding a better way to communicate and by using positions and movements, rather than by using stronger aids...

I love taking my horses trail riding and i am more than happy to take my clients and their horses along. I have taken a few clients' young horses on their first trails and will do that on the condition that I have the horse in full training and have a chance to develop a true relationship with the horse. I believe that the only way to ensure safety on the trail is to have a horse that completely trusts me so I can trust him or her...


Contact me by phone or email

Anne Palmer 707-239-6929

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